You want to choose a lawyer that will work hard for you.

When faced with an immigration issue, you are understandably worried, afraid for the future, and frustrated with the complex process. You may wonder if you really need an immigration lawyer or if you can just fill out the forms on your own.

First of all, take a look at this stat: the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service says that nearly 70% of all applications and petitions that are filed sans legal counsel are denied. This is because immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law in this country. Navigating it with a lawyer by your side is hard enough; going it alone is just asking for trouble.

1.    Going Beyond the Basics

The preparation of your immigration case involves so much more than filling out forms. You need an experienced immigration attorney who can review the facts of your case, determine the appropriate legal solutions, determine pitfalls or liabilities that are attached to the application, and guide your case through the right federal agencies. A lot of the work your attorney does is anticipating legal issues that could crop up, as well as solving practical problems, avoiding delays, and ensuring legal complications don’t entangle your case.

2.    Experience

Hiring an immigration lawyer means you can lean on many years of experience, legal training, continuing education, and professional relationships that your attorney has with key government officers.

3.    Dedication and Focus

It’s no secret that immigration law is very complicated without being assisted by a knowledgeable attorney. In fact, this branch of the law has become even more strict over the last few years, making it even harder to gain entry to the United States. Legal immigration into the United States takes a lot of dedication and focus, on your part and that of your attorney. There are many law changes, processes and paperwork that stand in the way, making it very hard to understand what exactly you should be focusing on.

Your attorney will guide you through the immigration process by cutting back the confusion as well as the red tape inherent in the process from start to finish.

4.    Easy Target When Alone

Immigrants are at a higher risk for being mistreated by companies and individuals. In the workplace, you could be forced to pay taxes that are never filed or to work longer hours for less pay.

In the community, undocumented immigrants are often taken advantage of on a daily basis with no consequences. Hiring an immigration lawyer means you are hiring your own personal defender who is not afraid to stand up for you and protect your rights. Alone, you are vulnerable but with an attorney at your side, you are treated with more respect.

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