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When Do You Need a Lawyer? A Checklist

Knowing when to hire a lawyer isn’t always easy. You may not be sure you even have a case. Whatever your situation is, it never hurts to get a free consultation just to see where [...]

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How to Find a Good Immigration Lawyer

  When in need of an immigration lawyer to handle anything from citizenship and naturalization to green card renewal and deportation defense, you need someone who’s extremely qualified to get the desired results. Not all [...]

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What is an Expungement?

Many law firms, including us here at D&N Law Group, are specialists in appeals and expungements for clients. You may understand what an appeal is, but what about an expungement? Well, this is a legal term generally [...]

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What is DACA? Why is it Coming to an End?

You've likely heard a lot of rumblings about DACA in the news. At its core, it's an immigration issue, but it seems to be taking on a life of its own these days as a [...]

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What to do When Faced with a Criminal Charge

If you find yourself faced with a criminal charge, whether for fraud, drug possession, sexual offense, arson or murder, you understandably are shaken to your core. This time can be extremely overwhelming, scary and frustrating [...]

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Obtaining a Green Card Through Marriage

The USCIS defines a green card, technically called a Permanent Resident Card, as something that allows a person to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis rather than a temporary one. [...]

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FAQs in Criminal Charges and Immigration

If you are facing criminal arrest by the police and your immigration status is in flux, you may wonder how this will affect you. Will you go to jail? Will your immigration status be put under a [...]

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Applying for a Visa in Dallas

Are you a citizen of a foreign country looking to enter the United States? You will need a visa. But before that happens, you need a qualified immigration law attorney in Dallas TX who can help guide [...]

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