There has been a lot of talk in the news about a law on the ban of sanctuary cities in Texas. This law that is being referred to in entitled SB4. Here are some important things to know about the law:


  • SB4 goes into effect in September. It is similar to a law that was passed in Arizona which used local and state law enforcement officers to question people on their immigration status. This Arizona law was struck down by the Supreme Court several years ago.
  • SB4 allows police, sheriffs, city council members, campus police, and several other authorities to act as immigration officers and report a person’s immigration status to ICE. There are harsh punishments for those who do not comply with the law
  • Victims and witnesses to crimes can also be asked about their immigration status by authorities if the authorities have “probable cause” to believe that the victim or witness committed a crime.


There is suspected to be very heavy litigation on SB4. Several cities in Texas (including Dallas) have filed lawsuits against SB4 claiming it is unconstitutional.


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