We often get frantic calls from family members of those who are criminal custody with an ICE hold/immigration detainer. Their first questions usually is, “should we pay the criminal bond?”.  Our answer almost always is NO! DO NOT PAY IT WITHOUT COMING IN TO SEE US FIRST! You may be wondering why we say this. We say this for the simple reason that once the criminal bond is paid the individual is transported to ICE custody. Having your loved one in ICE custody is extremely scary when you don’t know whether they will grant your loved one an immigration bond with their pending criminal charge.

Our goal at D&N Law Group is always to try our best to get your loved one out of both criminal and immigration custody as soon as possible while also taking into consideration the best possible outcome for the criminal and immigration case. Here is a brief overview of our process for those in criminal custody with an ICE hold/immigration detainer:

  1. We do an extensive intake on your loved one’s criminal and immigration history to determine the best course of action to get them out of custody.
  2. We then communicate with ICE Detention and Removal office officials to see if they will either agree to lift the hold, issue a bond, or agree to an alternative to detention. If they do agree to let them out under any of these options we tell the family members to pay the criminal bond.
  3. If ICE Detention and Removal office officials do not agree to a release, we (in some instances) may have them moved over to immigration custody to have an immigration judge determine whether they can receive a bond. If, however, we determine that it is too risky to do have them moved to immigration custody for a bond determination before an immigration judge, we will work on reducing the criminal charge or working out a deal on the criminal side before moving them over to ICE custody.

We at D&N Law Group understand how scary it can be to have a family member or loved one in criminal custody with an ICE hold. When criminal matters and immigration matters intersect, the laws get complicated. This is why it’s important to have a law firm that handles both criminal and immigration matters handling your loved one’s case.