When in need of an immigration lawyer to handle anything from citizenship and naturalization to green card renewal and deportation defense, you need someone who’s extremely qualified to get the desired results. Not all lawyers are created equal, so it’s important to take the time and research each one you’re considering. Here are some tips to help you.

Avoid Lawyers Who Prowl Around the Immigration Office

This behavior is not condoned by the legal bar, yet these so-called high-volume, low value attorneys hang out at immigration offices to try and find business. Any experienced, skilled, reputable immigration lawyer worth her salt will be too busy to hang out at those offices all day.

Ensure Your Lawyer is Legit

Beware those who claim they are a “Visa Consultant,” “Petition Preparer”or Notario” – this does not mean they are actually an attorney. You need an actual, practicing lawyer for your case, not someone who has no grasp of the immigration process and offers not much value beyond paper shuffling. They’ll take your money and never be seen again, leaving you worse off than you were before.

Do Your Homework

Check out the lawyers you’re considering online to find out if they are members of a state bar association and the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA). Check out their reviews on sites likeMartindale-Hubbell. Look into which professional articles the lawyer has written for publication. Ask around with your family and friends which lawyers they have used successfully in the past for their services.

Avoid Lawyers Who Give Unethical Advice or Make Illegal Offers

If your immigration attorney encourages you tolie on an application or to a USCIS officer, run the other way. These unethical lawyers can not only put themselves in a bad position – you could also be caught in their scheme and get into more hot water than they will. So, if your attorney asks for extra money so he or she can bribe an immigration authority, or tells you to purchase an artificial green card, go elsewhere. If caught, you don’t want a permanent mark on your immigration record, which can render you ineligible for future visas or green cards.

Be on the Lookout for Unrealistic Promises

No attorney can guarantee a successful outcome. As such, your lawyer should be up front with you about realistic expectations. The immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Defense or USCIS are the ones that determine the end result. Don’t fall for promises of a 100 percent success rate. It just doesn’t happen.

Consult with at Least Three Lawyers

Don’t stop at just one. Call a few, get their rates, their experience and their specialty. These meetings will also give you a good idea of the rapport you have together, their demeanor and their level of commitment to clients. Plus, when you meet with a few different lawyers, you’ll have a solid basis for comparison prior to selecting the right one to represent you.

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