When your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, this can be an understandably frustrating, scary and confusing time. No one wants their child to be at the mercy of the legal system and the courts. That’s why you need a lawyer on your side who is experienced and proficient at fighting juvenile criminal cases.

This means you should contact an experienced juvenile defense lawyer immediately – not a divorce lawyer or personal injury lawyer. You need someone who deals with these types of cases on a daily basis, for the most targeted results and best chance for a successful outcome.

What to Do

When your child has been arrested, the police may tell you that there is no need for a lawyer. They just want to “talk” with your child. However, this is where most parents go wrong. They assume that a harmless chat is just that: harmless, when in fact it can be detrimental to the whole case. Truth is, whatever your child says can and will be held against them later on – just as with an adult.

While you may have every intention of cooperating with police and want to tell your side, it’s imperative that you retain the services of a lawyer first. Then and only then should you proceed, under your lawyer’s advisement and direction.

Your lawyer can help you:

  • Process what’s going on.
  • Understand the law and what charges your child is facing
  • Understand the repercussions of your child’s actions and what he or she could face in jail time or fees.
  • Speak with the police, acting as your voice and your counsel.

Hiring a juvenile crimes lawyer is essential in protecting your child. Often times, police will try to get innocent children to confess to crimes they did not commit. They may even seek them out at their school to speak with them or even get them to write apology letters, which should never be done.

Calling your lawyer right away will ensure your child is not stuck in an interrogation room, hidden cameras rolling, as they nervously and sometimes inaccurately describe the crime at hand and their possible role in it.

Criteria in Choosing a Lawyer

The most important thing to look for is level of experience. Make sure the law firm you choose has established itself as a reputable juvenile criminal law firm in the area, with many successful cases under their belts. Juvenile defense is a specialized field, as those who defend children on a daily basis have a major advantage over a criminal defense lawyer that only deals with adult cases.

Don’t make your decision based on price or rates. Ever hear “you get what you pay for”? It’s certainly true in the field of law. It’s more important to know what you’re getting for that rate. Look for a lawyer who is compassionate yet aggressive, has the time to take your calls and makes you feel at ease.

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