The USCIS defines a green card, technically called a Permanent Resident Card, as something that allows a person to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis rather than a temporary one. The steps you will need to take to get a green card will vary by unique situation. Some people confuse visas with green cards; however, visas are for temporary or traveler status in this country while green cards are for permanent residency.

Moving here from another country as a marriage green card permanent resident can be difficult and confusing, so we recommend having a lawyer on your side that is well versed in immigration law. One misstep could delay or damage your case. The path to citizenship can be stressful but it’s ultimately rewarding in many ways. Getting there is half the battle, but once you obtain the right to live here permanently, your journey will be well worth it.

The Process

In order to get a green card through marriage, you can approach this in a couple of ways:

  • If your spouse is a permanent resident of the U.S., he or she can file the petition on your behalf. You’ll have to provide evidence of your relationship, such as marriage certificate and the like. Then, you can apply for what’s called an adjustment of status if you are currently in the U.S., or a green card if you are currently residing in another country. This is only possible if your visa is considered in-status.
  • If you are out of status, you may apply for adjustment of status. This would be the case if you were previously admitted to the U.S. legally but want to become a permanent U.S. citizen. You have to stay married for at least three years to obtain a green card. If you get a divorce, you have to wait five years.

Think about your reasons for wanting to live in the United States. Even though the ability to live here lawfully with your husband or wife is your primary reason, there are still other things to consider. Our current political climate puts immigration processes in a whole new light. It’s not as easy to even visit this country from elsewhere, let alone be permitted to reside here permanently.

There are many more hoops to jump through as well as longer waits. Know that your green card application will be under much scrutiny as the process gets more refined. That means you should be prepared to wait even longer than what you have been told. There are many aspects of your application that can have a dramatic impact on your status as a citizen. As such, be honest at all times and don’t take offense at the many personal questions you will be asked regarding your marriage.

There are too many people trying to illegally enter this country under the guise of marriage, and U.S. immigration agents will sniff you out if you and your spouse are trying to commit fraud. Be patient above all and cooperate with the authorities. Retain the services of a qualified immigration lawyer to handle all these steps for you to ensure the most successful conclusion.


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