I can’t tell you the number of times a client or a potential client has told me that they wish they hadn’t hired the last lawyer or law office that handled their case. They will often tell me about certain red flags that they ignored when their prior attorney was handling their case. Although there are many great lawyers in the DFW area, there are many others who are looking to just take your money and could care less about your case. I have compiled a list of what I think should be some red flags when you are searching for an attorney to handle your case.

  1. Does what they are telling you sound too good to be true? Good criminal and immigration attorneys typically do not tell you things like, “your loved one will be released from criminal/immigration – 100% chance!” Why don’t we tell clients these things? It’s because a person’s release from immigration or criminal detention usually depends on numerous factors and therefore no one can give you a 100% guarantee that their loved one will be released. Be very wary if an attorney is telling you that there is a 100% chance that your loved one will be released. Attorneys who tell clients this are ones that care about your money and not about your case!
  2. Does your attorney have little to no web presence? Almost every reputable attorney has a website which they update frequently so their clients are aware of any changes in the law that could affect their case. The web is also a good source for reading what others have to say about your attorney. Don’t be afraid to read AVVO and Yelp reviews about your attorney to see what others are saying. If there are lots of negative reviews this may be a good indication that you should take your case elsewhere.
  3. Does it seem like every time you go to the office there is a different paralegal, legal assistant, or attorney handling your case? This is usually a sign that the law firm has a high turnover rate and that the employees are generally unhappy. It has been my experience that happy law firm employees do not leave a law firm and they genuinely care about each client’s case. Employees who are personally invested in a client’s case make sure to do everything in their power to ensure their client’s case is approved.
  4. Is the attorney not present during your initial consultation with the firm? Attorneys who care about clients make it a habit to be present at the initial consultation with a potential client. There are many questions that only an attorney knows how to answer and this is why it is extremely important that they are there to answer any questions you may have. Make it a habit to ask to speak with the attorney before retaining a law firm for your case.