Great Experience

It was great.  I thought I was going to be deported.  I cried a couple of times but finally I met Mai and Asma so it all worked out.  Good thing that Mai didn’t take me in front of court when I didn’t have to go and it takes them forever in the hold over.  They were great attorneys and they got everything done for me and got me out.  I had an immigration hold and now I’m happy because I can spend Christmas with my family.

You Were the One that Helped Get Him Out!

I went to see other attorneys and no one convinced me and when I came here, I was convinced and placed my trust in you.  It all worked out great.  A lot of letters came to me and a few of your existing clients told me that you guys were great.  I took a chance and went with it.  You guys worked great and a lot of people told me everything.  It was a great experience, you guys did a great job.  He was there for a long time and you guys were the one that helped get him out and now we just need to continue forward.

I Let Everyone Know About You Guys

I let everyone know about you guys.  I told everyone once I found out.  It was crazy…wow.   In the morning, I was hopeless when she was at immigration and look what happened.  She actually got out.  You guys were quick without hesitation.  On Monday I hired and today on Thursday, she’s out.  Thank you for everything.  You guys do an amazing job.  This is the first time I actually see attorneys actually help and actually get someone out.  I’ve never seen this happen.  I didn’t think it was possible, but thank you for everything.

Very Good

I can’t say much.  They moved very good in everything.  I thought this was all going to take more time.  I liked it.  It went fast and easy.

Good and Fast!

It was good and fast.  It wasn’t as slow as I thought it was going to be.  I’m happy with everything.  It didn’t take more than 3 weeks.


It was good.  I actually was about to leave him there.  But he got the letter and then I came and had a consult and it all came out right.

It was a Miracle!

It was a good experience.  It was incredible because I didn’t know if he was going to get out.  I told him it was a miracle what happened.

Professional Service

Absolutely fantastic team. Asma and Ernesto were very diligent, informative, and responsive. As one of the reviewers mentioned below, I also felt that I was at ease with them, thanks to their conscientious professionalism. Bonus? Fair and reasonable price, in comparison to the last lawyer I hired. Five stars, definitely. Many thanks, Asma and Ernesto!

Highly Recommend

For me it was a great experience.  You guys got me out fast and I never thought it would happen like that.  They explained everything great.  I told them I hope to get out soon and the immigration attorney replied, “It will be very soon.”  Everything happened exactly like she said.  I recommend them highly.  I will be sending you guys a lot of people.  A lot of people go to attorneys that have robbed them and haven’t done anything on their case, but you guys have shown me that there are people out there helping.  There are a bunch of people in church and I showed them and tell them my story and they see. I prayed every day and I got out because of you.

Great Attorneys

They’re really good.  I like the work they do.  I recommend them and I tell you by experience.

Successful Results!

While visiting Austin, TX I became aware that while my visitor visa to the US was valid for the next few years, the 6 month entry period was coming up, which meant I would have had to exit the US and then re-enter which would have been very inconvenient for me during that time. I approached Asma Din with regards to my predicament and was put at complete ease with her professionalism: she successfully filed for the I-94 extension for me which despite being quite difficult to get approved, was actually approved.

The best thing about this experience was Asma’s ability to break down and simplify what may otherwise seem like complicated, legal procedures and processes into layman terms. Her attention to detail is immaculate – I was thoroughly impressed by her passion and dedication to her profession and definitely plan to acquire her and her firms’ services in the future.

Dedicated Attorneys

Immigration related issues are very complicated and take time. D&N Law Group will take the time to pursue the issues. I am familiar with two cases handled by D&N Law Group and in both cases the outcome was good. With immigration issues you must have patience with the system.

Good Experience

I highly recommend them they know what they’re doing.

Good Work

I recommend them are very good lawyers and do very good work.  I say this because they helped me and they did very good work from experience.  I recommend them and they give you option to pay depends on your case

I chose the right law firm!

I am short for words. My experience with the law firm was very….was very…well I am very satisfied. You guys worked hard, and fought hard for me. You guys did everything you guys said you would and you did it fast. When I was considering which law firm to hire, you guys let me know I could do both criminal and immigration at the same time. Everyone else told me I had to wait which means if I would have still been detained if I choose someone else. The attorneys informed me in detail of everything and were with me for an hour when talking me through everything. Additionally my wife was always kept in the loop of everything. Every time she called, Ernesto was always ready to answer any questions, she never got a voicemail nor was she ever ignored. I recommend this law firm to friends and family. They’ve done a great job with my case.

Great Attorneys

They’re really good.  I like the work they do.  I recommend them and I tell you by experience.

D&N Law Group Helped Me Get Out!

I felt comfortable with D&N Law Group. I never knew that they would help me like this. I had faith to have my wife call them. I am really thankful of them getting me out of all my problems and especially immigration-wise.

Best Attorneys Ever!

First there by off the BEST lawyers ever! I loved how they treated me and made me feel cared for . This was literally my first time finding someone to help me with my case there so professional and so polite . What i loved is that the very first day i meet them they had my fiancé’s information already on the table and already knew about the case before i even got to there office.(literally I was so surprised!) ( nothing like the previous I had gotten) I dont REGRET CHANGING ATTORNEY! it was the best decision I took. Thanks to them I have the love of my life next to my side.. It was a fast process. I want to thank Ernesto and the attorneys for everything y’all done thank yall for being so PATIENT WITH ME! I RECOMMEND YALL 100% !


I was so scared and lost hope while I was in Dallas County with two pending DWIs, a possession of marijuana, and an Immigration hold. One of my fellow inmates handed me a card for D&N law group. Me reaching out to them ended up being the best decision ever. They fought hard for me to get me released from criminal and immigration detention. I am now out with my family and I am forever grateful to Mai Nguyen, Ernesto Reyes, and Asma Din for all their hard work on my case! I highly recommend them for criminal and immigration cases!

Amazing Lawyer!

I did not want to get a lawyer thinking that I will not get the response I am looking for; however, I decided to take a chance and contact Asma. She took the time out of her busy schedule to speak with me, and she was not in a hurry to hang up. She reviewed all of my documents, responded promptly, and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I would recommend Asma to anyone seeking a lawyer for all of their immigration needs.

Best Immigration Attorney in Town

As an experience attorney, Ms. Din represented me before an immigration judge in a Cancellation of Removal Proceedings. She knew how to win my case with her determination. She took care of me and knew what she was doing at all times and that gave me comfort. I trusted her 100% because I knew she was working very hard on my case, even when my family was not cooperating . She is affordable and workable when money is tight, she cared about my case not my money. Ms. Din took care of me and took the time to listen to me. Thanks to her I won my Legal Permanent Residence back and I am able to stay in this country again, despite the criminal record I had.

Most determinate lawyer

My father arrested for intoxication and second DWI, he was facing deportation. We contacted Asma Bano Din and even though his case was in Houston she was able to help us. She explained to us the process in which my dad was going and how she was going to handle it. Everything happen in the order she said and she did exactly what she told us. My dad’s case was very unpredictable because we didn’t have much evidence to fight for his cancellation of removal. Asma was fighting a case that was very weak but she still did whatever she had in her hands to help us. On my dads last court day Asma show her professionalism but also her kind side as we waited for the judge decision. Thanks to Asma we won the case and his not going to be deported but she was also able to get him a green card. Asma has been a blessing to us all and we will never be able to thank her enough.


D&N Law Group is an amazing team!  Their attorneys are very professional, efficient and passionate about what they do.  My immigration case went as smooth as possible.  There were no big problems, everything just worked out really well for me.  The little issues that came up in my case, my attorney managed wonderfully.  I recommend this group 100% to everybody!

Forever Grateful

My family and I would always and forever be grateful with the D&N Law Group.  They had helped us tremendously.  First with my dad when he was facing deportation and now thanks to God and this amazing team he has become a resident.  Now they’re taking on my mom’s case and she’s in the process of becoming a resident.  Their professionalism and honesty have won my family’s trust.

Best Attorneys in the DFW Area

D&N Law Group has the best attorneys in the DFW area.  I am so impressed and thankful to how fast they worked to help me with my case.  They answered every little question I had, and never hesitated to provide me with information.  I really recommend anyone who is looking for a great attorney to call them and set up an appointment.  They make everyone feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the door.  Thank you Mai, Asma and Ernesto for all the great work you did to help me and my family.

Best Attorney for Me

Mai has been by far the best attorney for me.  She has helped me a lot on my criminal case and I really appreciate her fantastic work.  Never have I felt safe in the hands of a wonderful attorney.  Thank you very much, Mai.

Best Experience

Best experience I could have ever hoped for.  Very helpful.  They have gone out of their way to make it easier on us and they are very responsive.

Best Lawyer in Texas

Asma Din is the best lawyer in Texas in my opinion.  She helped my son with K1 visa.  She worked so hard on the case.  She made everything so easy for my son and his fiance and less stressful for the family.  She has a wonderful staff.  Ernesto is always there to help. This is the best law firm in the state of Texas.  I recommend this law firm to everyone who needs help with immigration.

There Are No Words

There are no words to describe how happy I am right now.  Today, I got the good news that my Green Card was approved!  All I can say is thank you so much Asma and your team for such a wonderful job!  You guys were always helpful and attentive to my case.  This team is really committed to each one of their clients.  Since the beginning they told me how everything would work and to be patient about my case.  Doing things the right way always brings a reward.  Thank you so much D&N Law Group.  What an amazing team!  Very professional people.

Courteous, Knowledgeable and Diligent

The attorneys and staff at D&N are courteous, knowledgeable and diligent in their efforts and success to handle cases relative to immigration and other needs.

Tremendously Appreciative

I am tremendously appreciative to D&N Law Group.  they helped me out with my problems as well as my immigration status.  Their staff is both nice and understanding, and do their best to help you out.

So Thankful

I first introduced my adjustment of status case to the immigration in 2009 when I hired my first of many attorneys to help me better present my case.  This first attorney collected my application fees and his service fees then basically sent a hot check to the immigration (yes, some attorneys do that).  My case was rejected.  I hired a second attorney who is rated as one of the top three best attorneys in the DFW area.  He charged me a very high service fee and at the end of my case was again rejected.  In 2012 I then hired a third attorney who also is listed as one of the top three attorneys in the DFW who went to two immigration interviews with me.  Still there was no response from the immigration.  Then in October after hearing from a friend of the works of Ms. Asma Din and the D&N Law Group have done for him and his friends, I decided to hire her.  On our first meeting, Ms. Asma traced a plan on how to attend the 4th interview that I was scheduled for.  We attended the interview in October and on December 1st my case was approved.  Not only am I grateful for the professionalism Ms. Asma took my case personal.  She gave me the moral support every time I visited or called.  My wife and I are so happy because now we can take the kids on a trip to visit my mom.  A visit that’s 7 years overdue!  Thank you so much Ms. Asma Din and the whole D&N Law Group team. Ernesto, I am so thankful for your professionalism, patience and availability.  My family and I will have a great holidays and we hope you all do the same.

Thank You

I want to thank God first and lawyers second for their kindness and especially for the good efficiency.  Thank you for supporting me.


I am very grateful for how they handled my case.  They are very professional.

Great Experience

The experience was great and you answered all our questions and you’ve told us everything.  Since we had never had problems, we didn’t know what to do.  It was a good experience and we are happy with the services that you gave us.  If I ever have anyone that needs help, I will recommend you guys.

Excellent Experience

It was an excellent experience.  Great customer service and great prices.  Very accessible to the general public and really honest.  It’s the best policy that they explain all the possibilities and everything.  It was the best experience.

Very Amazing

Well, it was a pleasure because with everything you guys were amazing.  You guys are good people.  The moment you guys represented me, I knew it was because of God and you guys have done right for me.  You guys are good people and did an amazing job.  You’re responsible people.  In times, I doubted you guys but you guys proved me wrong and showed me.  I recommend you guys to everyone.  I have sent three people.  I want you guys to take all my cases and be by my side.


Satisfied!  Not going into detail about my case.  All I can say is very happy with the outcome.

Good Outcome

Immigration related issues are very complicated and take time.  D&N Law Group will take the time to pursue the issues. I am familiar with two cases handled by D&N Law Group and in both cases, the outcome was good.  With immigration issues, you must have patience with the system.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend them.  They know what they’re doing.

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Latest Victories

Removal Defense Case of S.V.
Outcome: Case was closed by the Gov't and client was released from Immigration detention without paying a bond
Description: LPR was placed in removal proceedings and was being held mandatory detention due to a CIMT conviction within 5 years of his lawful admission.

Motion to Reopen of N.R.
Outcome: The Court granted the motion to reopen.
Description: Filed a motion to reopen for client based on ineffective assistance of counsel.

Removal Case of M.V.
Outcome: Government moved for admin closure of the case
Description: Client entered EWI, had over 10 years of continuous presence, and had a U.S. Citizen Son with Leukemia